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The Kid's Online Safety Act (KOSA)

Are you overwhelmed by the daunting task of keeping your kids safe online? It isn't your fault. The burden shouldn't be exclusively on your shoulders. 

It's way past time for Big Tech to take more responsibility in keeping kids safe on their platforms and products. Child online safety must be a priority that is built into the very design of tech products. 

With your help, we can make this happen! Here's how...

The Kid's Online Safety Act (KOSA)

If we want to see sweeping change across the entire tech industry, it's imperative that we pass public policy that legally requires Big Tech to prioritize child safety. This is where the Kid's Online Safety Act (KOSA) comes in. 

KOSA mandates that tech companies design their platforms/products to be safe for the children that use them. It also requires that they provide robust safeguards and tools for parents to manage and monitor their child's online activity. 

Please help us pass KOSA by asking your Senator to support the Act!

The Protect Act Will Aid Victims of Image-Based Sexual Abuse Against Big Porn



NCOSE helped to draft this bill that will help millions of survivors of image-based sexual abuse while also striking the biggest blow yet at the pornography industry!

It only takes an instant for anyone to become a victim of image-based sexual abuse (IBSA). 

It can happen through hidden cameras, deep fake/edited images, leaked nude photos, or filmed child sexual abuse, rape, or sex trafficking.

These images often circulate fast and are posted to pornography websites or other platforms, without the consent of the victim and often even before the victim realizes it has happened.  The PROTECT Act fills a gaping hole in legislation that allows all this to happen.

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