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Driven by the desire to eradicate human trafficking, Bruce was inspired to bring together an alliance of like-minded individuals to join in this fight and establish SAFE in the Panhandle. His journey began in 2009 when he heard the stories of children being sold to traffickers in the remote villages of Nepal and the Himalayas. After this, he became aware of trafficking in the U.S. and researched organizations he could get involved with to help put an end to human trafficking. He soon became a volunteer and was asked to serve on the board of The Wellhouse. The Wellhouse is one of the largest safe houses in the US dedicated to rescuing, housing, and restoring women and children from sex trafficking. Bruce has served on the board there since 2016.

In the years prior to and while serving on the board of The Wellhouse, Bruce was the owner and CEO of Louis Allis, a large electric motor manufacturing company. In February of 2020, he sold the company and moved to the Panhandle of Florida. Shortly after moving, Bruce began a study to research the extent of the problem in the area with the help of a former sex trafficking survivor from the Panhandle. The study revealed a major problem in the area and he began looking for ways to address it. He knew the answer was to bring together NGO’s, individuals, and law enforcement to fight together to end human trafficking in the Panhandle and came across the SAFE model that began in Seattle, Washington and has several organizations in Florida. Please join Bruce and the SAFE team in their desire and commitment to eradicate human trafficking in the Panhandle and ultimately the world!

Bruce and his wife, Robbie live in the Panhandle of Florida and are the parents of four children and eight grandchildren.


Director of Security: Intelligence Analysis, DoD & Law Enforcement

  • Outreach, and Training for SAFE in the Panhandle & Take Flight Survivors

  • DoD Conditions based Volunteer Program Manager

  • Sex Trafficking Victim Exit Companion (Spanish)

  • Army Veteran and Military Spouse

  • Licensed Private Investigator

  • Intelligence Professional with over 20 years of experience, supporting the U.S. Special Operations Command

  • Spanish Linguist 





Sula’s passion for ministry comes from overcoming a very painful past. She has found freedom and healing from the traumas of her life and has been radically transformed through becoming a fiery believer and a follower of Jesus Christ. As a survivor of sex trafficking, she works to spread awareness, teach prevention and help victims and survivors of trafficking. Sula uses her story to help others find the same freedom she has found. It is her joy to advance the Kingdom of God with the love & power of the Gospel. She ministers in faith to see Jesus miraculously heal many. She loves the Presence & Glory of the Lord.    She founded TAKE FLIGHT SURVIVORS, Inc. at the start of 2022 embracing survivors with comfort and support as they transition from slavery to a safe place. Sula authored four books including her life story, "Fighting for Your Purpose - From Sex Trafficking to Ministry."

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